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Project completed! 43% of the village had reported experiencing mobile reception problems whilst 52% had no problems. Suggestions of how to make individual inroads on this have been made by Peter Robertson. See the results of the survey, showing which networks are found troublesome where in the village.

66 residents of Oxton stated in the March 2011 Survey that they would like to see a Wind Turbine in the village, as an “Environmental Feature”. The question was not asked as to whether respondents would favour/be opposed to such a structure. The possibility exists of wind turbines subsidising electricity bills /delivering an income. New schemes and technologies are also now available for the more cost-effective installation of Photo-Voltaic panels to generate electricity for the home, or on a larger scale, whose visual impact and cost may be preferred to those of a wind turbine. The evolution of technologies and commercial and government policies makes it hard for the village to be up-to-date and to make informed choices or give an informed opinion.

The March 2011 survey showed no geographic pattern to dissatisfaction with broadband speed in Oxton, probably because homes are served by various different cables. Oxton had been experiencing rates varying from 1MbpS to over 3MbpS. From March 2012, BT Infinity has been available, with quoted speeds of up to 40MB.

Oxton Community Website

The March 2011 Village Questionnaire showed that 80% of the village would use the website and each of the topic areas would be used by more than 20%. This survey also provided clear inputs as to what areas of the website are regarded as the most useful and so should be prioritised for development. More recent residents of Oxton find much of the information more useful than the longest resident. The most useful area is regarded as What’s On (events and activities), and this is already being actively maintained.

Considerable concern expressed by respondents to March 2011 questionnaire whether in the flooding area (72%) or not (18%). Respondents suggested better more regular maintenance of drains and ditches.

Lack of affordable housing was reported by 6 households as leading to a member of their family having to leave the village in the last 5 years. Opinions are divided between those that want the total number of houses to remain the same (178 = 50%) and those that want some increase (134 = 37%). Of those that saw a need for some development, conversion of existing buildings was the most acceptable option (212 people)

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