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What’s Happening?

UPDATE AS AT JULY 2016: The Cricket Club have commenced build on their new pavilion so I await its construction before any further action is taken re a Tea Room

In-between Christmas & New Year I had chance to have a good look at the second (and final) Village SOS application re-the tea room funding bid. The details included a very lengthy and restrictive terms & conditions. To be honest, I don’t believe it’s the right vehicle to use to raise money for the tea room. The Village SOS scheme supports enterprises which are of a more permanent nature and run as a full time business i.e. ventures like the Theatre Deli at Southwell or Bleasby Tea Rooms.  The village facility we are trying to get off the ground will run on more ad-hoc basis, maybe two or three days a week for a couple of hours each day.

In principal, Oxton Cricket Club  is more than happy for us to use their new pavilion as the venue therefore, I believe we are better waiting for it be built and then re-access our options. We may also need approval from Oxton Estate if we wish to use the facility for a purpose other than as the cricket pavilion.

There will be other low key funding opportunities which will suit our purpose much better. I still think it can be done and a Tea Room will be a perfect facility for the village but applying for Village SOS funding is not the way forward.

Please do not hesitate to contact me using the form below if you would like to become involved with this exciting project.


Jill Jones

28 Jan 2012

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