5 thoughts on “Traffic, Transport & Crime

  1. Just a note to all that Lynda and I are working on material for this section.
    We haven’t forgotten it and we haven’t given up.

  2. Hi Paul. Looked at Dumbles website for first time in a long while and saw your comment regarding my proposal for a replacement for the former D3 bus service to Newark. Got me thinking about the possibility of setting up a local passengers group to cover local villages. Please contact me at cllr.d.sharp@btinternet.com if this is of interest.

    -Dan Sharp, Woodborough

  3. Complete the transport survey now, please – this evening!

    Today is the deadline for responding to the County Council TITAN transport survey.
    Its now too late now for posted responses, but there is an automated phone number you can call. If you go to the County Council website you can complete the online survey (link also on this website?).
    THIS IS NOT JUST ABOUT BUS USERS – School, hospital and daycare transport is under scrutiny as well as The Oxton Flyer monthly minibus. Oxton could well be served by a smaller “feeder” vehicle (linking up to a “mainline” bus route) . The worst thing to happen would be for the County Council to receive a poor response from Oxton.
    Even though you may not use such transport now, you may need to in the future, and from what I can see, Oxton is now busy with young people, as well as a few old ones, like me. Please think about your neighbour and give your views.

  4. Lynda passed away on 27th February.
    Thank you all for your cards, good wishes and caring support. Over £1500 was donated for her chosen charity.

    I continue to keep an eye on the NCT-47 Service to Nottm and Lowdham.
    Since last July, this service has offered a two-hourly service to Nottm Parliament St, (which is the same Terminus as the Calverton-Connection (CC) bus operated by Trentbarton, thereby making choice of bus easier). Unfortunately there is no shared-ticketing between the two Operators, however if you have a bus pass, you may be able to get free travel.
    The NCT-47 also calls at Calverton for local facilities and after visiting Woodborough and Lambley, routes along Woodborough Road via Mapperley Shops and Mapperley, Nottm. Timetables suggest a journey time of 45 minutes, but I have heard reports of it taking 60 minutes. You may think this is a long journey, until you consider that a connection at Calverton onto the CC would involved a bus journey, walk, or lift to/from Calverton PLUS a wait for the connection, each way. Might as well stay on the 47 and brave it out. Travelling inbound to Nottm, you also get to pick any seat you choose when you board at Oxton. NCT operates one of the best fleets in the UK.

    When returning home, DO NOT take the NCT47A, as it does not travel through Oxton. After leaving Calverton, it’s next stop is at Epperstone, and it will not stop on the Bypass (A6097)….so you will have to alight at Calverton and walk.

    Unfortunately, I have not been able to keep up with all events such as…….

    [ 1 ] A change to the timing of the first bus to Nottm, which leaves just after 7am, rather than the 0710 hrs originally scheduled. This allows the bus to push through the morning congestion along Woodborough Road at Mapperley Shops where it is extremely popular and carries a lot of passengers.
    [ 2 ] A revised Train Service service has been introduced between Newark & Nottm, calling at Lowdham Station. This gives you extra options for travelling to Nottm, Newark, Lincoln, Derby and further away.

    Anybody using the NCT-47 service from Oxton, or any other public transport service, is welcome to make a comment here, to share their thoughts…or if you wish approach me, or pop a note through my letter box.

    PLEASE SUPPORT THE SERVICE, which is part funded by The County Council. USE IT OR LOSE IT !! PWH

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