Walks and Village Trails

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What’s happening?

The community is aiming to research potential footpaths & bridle ways, join up existing pathways to avoid road walking, liaise with landowners, give guidance for dog owners, explore the possibility of more dog litter bins, put walk maps on to the Oxton website, start to plan a nature trail and research signage options.

10 thoughts on “Walks and Village Trails

  1. Great News!! Oxton Estate has generously offered to provide a second permissive footpath in order to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee year.

    The path will run in a westerly direction from the top of Windmill Hill around Godson’s Wood and onto Forest Road. It makes a CIRCULAR walk of approx 2.5 km starting and finishing at the Green Dragon pub.

    It will be named, rather aptly, “Diamond Jubilee Permissive Footpath” and the current permissive path will be renamed “Millennium Permissive Footpath”. The PC and Oxton Estate have each contributed to half of the costs for the four new signposts which will mark the start and finish of both paths.

    The “Walk Around Oxton” leaflet will be updated on the next print run. Current copies will be amended by hand.

    Thank you to Oxton Estate for such a fantastic gesture!!

    Jill Jones, Parish Council Chairman

    01 Sept 2012


    Enquires have shown that residents at the top of Elmcroft will object to a new dog waste bin being located near their properties. It was therefore agreed that the bin will be located behind the Elmcroft bus shelter with the possibility of relocating it to the grassed area on the opposite side of Elmcroft if there are any objections. It was agreed that a metal bin will be purchased up to a total cost of £200.

  3. that is brilliant news about the new footpath. It means that we will now have 2 circular walks in Oxton, and so much more variety, and just what the village said we wanted in the recent Village Plan survey. Thank you Oxton Estate!

    Both these circular paths are on the flanks of Windmill Hill so here’s a cheeky request for looking at another permissive route:- is there any chance of providing a pedestrian by-pass along the inside of the hedge to the top of Oxton Hill and across to the vicinity of the reservoirs, so closing the Oxton-Epperstone walk loop? At present, you have a dissuasively risky walk on the Southwell Road all the way from the lane down from Park Farm/back of Epperstone Park to the top of Oxton Hill. Or you go back to the lovely Windmill Hill.

  4. Misuse of permissive path. Only open a matter of weeks and the New “Diamond Jubilee” footpath, along with others locally, is being used by mountain bikers. The term Footpath speaks for itself. Bikes may only be used on byways. The new path runs through some of the Estates’ designated envoironmental features so bikes cannot and will not be tolerated. If the path becomes cut up by bikes it will be closed.

  5. Thank you to Oxton Estate for opening up a lovely path, it is a very generous action and we have already enjoyed walking it several times.

  6. Yes – thank you Oxton Estate – we walked the new permissive footpath when it first opened and thoroughly enjoyed it. Let us hope that we can stop bikers abusing it so we can continue to do so.

  7. I have been looking on google maps but can’t quite understand whether Epperstone Park has a public right of way through or in it.

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