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What’s Happening?

Karen Fowler is taking a lead on this.

She has been talking to a couple of colleagues at Nottingham Trent University and Dr Dan Brown is willing to give a talk on the night sky above Old Ox camp as it would have been when inhabited, as there is a link between constellations and location of camps, barrows and tumuli which are plentiful in our area. This isn’t strictly conservation but in his talks he highlights the need to keep light pollution and obstructions (wind turbines) to a minimum in areas of historical interest.

Karen has also made contact with someone at Brackenhurst and is currently working on an idea of a conservation audit around Oxton Bogs. Maybe this could link with the walking group.

She has been doing some research into the area with regards to the Oldox camp and Roman sites with help from antiquarian chronicles and has collated the 1881 census of Oxton residence and plans to expand on this as it has been very interesting finding out what services Oxton provided. She is planning a visit to Nottingham archives to expand on this.

When time allows, she will contact the working group and those who have expressed an interest to plan a meeting and has setup an email address for the group at

If you are interested in joining this group and helping Karen with this work do get in touch with her. She can be contacted using the form below:

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