3 thoughts on “Residents & Farmers Working Group

  1. Its lambing time in Oxton. Soon you will see ewes and lambs in the fields around the village. Please keep dogs on a lead when walking them in the sheep fields so they don’t disurb the ewes and their lambs.

  2. Any updates on this ? My family is pretty new to Oxton only been here just over a year and a bit. We would love to help out with any farming etc.. And get to the village. My and my husband have 2 daughters at 8 and 4, Animal and outdoor crazy!!

    • Hi Jade…..a belated welcome to Oxton. I will post your query on the front page. The original idea of the working group came out of the 2011 Village Plan as it was felt some residents were not mindful of the consequences of disturbing wildlife and farm stock when out walking with or without their pets. There was little interest in the idea but it won’t hurt to ask your question again.
      By the way, there’s a village get-together planned for Saturday 15th June. More details will be published on this website and in the Dover Beck. I hope to meet you and your family on the day.

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