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50% questionnaire respondents would like to have more circular walks available. 137 people take part in local walks at least once a month. Some walks are in place, documented in the walk leaflet provided by Oxton Parish Council and here on the website. There is an annual treading of current footpaths to keep them in use. But concern from farmers that dog worms are contaminating land leading to loss of sheep. But there is a lack of circular walks, no bridleways, too much/dangerous road walking, and existing walks are not well sign posted.

Sign desired to demonstrate character/feature/history of the village.

Walking Group

73 people interested in establishing a new local walking group

94-96% questionnaire respondents indicated conservation issues were important. This included protecting green spaces in the village, Windmill Hill, Iron-age Fort, Water Lane and the toads. There was also a request for an environmental project run by children.

89% questionnaire respondents wish to conserve green spaces in the village. 44% supported the establishment of a village green

Farmers wish to increase the understanding between farmers and Oxton residents. There is a wish to increase understanding of farming issues, such as dog worms contaminating soil leading to loss of income from sheep.

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