Village Plan History

On 5th October 2009, a meeting was held in the village hall to ascertain whether villagers would be in favour of creating a village plan. Of the forty or so people who attended, the vast majority were in favour of doing so. During this meeting they generated a huge list of things that they would like to have and/or improve in the village.

At a follow-up meeting on 29th October, a number of people volunteered to form a steering group to get a plan up and running and a few others said they would be prepared to help with particular jobs when needed.The steering group (known as the Village Planning Group) was launched in January 2010. It clarified its aims and purpose, formulated a constitution, set a budget and set up a bank account. It applied for and was been awarded a Lottery grant (from Awards for All) of £1300 to fund publicity, consultation with villagers, the design and printing of a questionnaire and in due course the publication of a village plan. It also received financial support from the Parish Council and the local MP.

The main focus of the Village Planning Group was to facilitate in depth consultation with everyone who lives in Oxton. Over September and October 2010, different groups of villagers met to talk about their thoughts and ambitions for Oxton. These views were used to compose a questionnaire which was circulated personally to every household in the Parish by a team of volunteers during March 2011.

You can read the results of the village questionnaire here.

Oxton Village Survey March 2011 under16

Oxton Village Survey March 2011 over16

Oxton Village Plan Survey headline report

From the results of the questionnaire, seven main areas of focus were identified, with each area split into specific projects.

These projects were formally unveiled on Thursday 13th October 2011 as the Village Planning Group team launched the village plan.

Click on the image to view/download the village plan document as distributed to every Oxton household in October 2011.

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