Ye Olde Bridge Inn

Ye Olde Bridge Inn

Opening times:

We open daily as per the hours below, however, we serve food from 12 – 3  — 6 – 9pm Monday to Friday and all Day Saturday and Sunday. We do cater outside of these times for pre-booked events and occasions
OPEN: Monday – Friday: 10am – 11pm; Saturday 11am – 11pm; Sunday 11am to 11pm

“Welcome to Ye Olde Bridge Inn , a warm, friendly, family-run pub and restaurant, situated in the heart of the countryside, Oxton, Nottinghamshire.

We are; self proclaimed comedian and beer drinking expert Paul, culinary master and taste extrodinare Lizzy, backed by business bunny, event guru and head child  Hannah.

Uniting as three out of the Stirland family to serve you all the glorious beers, fine food and cocktails you can consume in a glorious English Country Pub.”



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