The 99 Club

The 99 Club is for the men in Oxton and the surrounding area to enjoy activities such as dining out, bowling, golf and greyhound racing, with an annual Ladies Evening for their partners.

The club was founded in 1999, hence the title, to allow men, who often work outside the village and hence tend not to meet fellow villagers, to meet in a social environment and get to know each other.

The club meets ten times a year, usually in the evening of the third Tuesday of the month.

Please contact David Shrine  or via the form below if you are interested in joining, or wish further information.

Below is an aerial photo of central/southern Oxton from the west, taken by Tom Heinersdorff (ex-Oxtonian) on a 99 Club flight courtesy of Ian Buchan (ex-Oxtonian) in June 2010 .

The Village Hall is in the bottom left corner, and the Church is vertically above it in this photo.