Oxton Toad Conservation

“The toad closure came about when Bob and I cycled down Beanford Lane in Spring 1999 and found squashed toads all over the place. I said that we must close the road to save the toads next year and amazingly the Notts.CC. agreed and it was the first time that a road had been closed for toads in the country. I close it each March but the cost is around £700 hence the appeal not only for money but also patrollers for Blind Lane which is another toad crossing.”
Margaret Cooper, March 2011

2 thoughts on “Oxton Toad Conservation

  1. We moved to the village three years ago and I’d love to be involved as I am very interested in conservation.

    • Hello Kate…the lady you need to speak with is Margaret Cooper. She is a Parish Councillor so her contact details should be on the Parish Council noticeboard at the bottom the the village hall car park. If not, then Gill at the PO will point you towards her house.

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