Oxton Social Committee

The village’s social committee (“OSC”) was formed as a spin-off from the group of people who had got together to organise the village’s Millenium celebrations. Since then, the Social Committee has organised events for all ages, from art classes to wine tasting, to give villagers the opportunity to get together. Ducks are raced down the village brook in aid of charities; drama and puppet show performances are hosted; haggises are ceremonially addressed on Burns Night; and there is the sound of Maypole dancing on sunny afternoons and local band music in the evenings.

Our general remit as a group is to put on “four knees-up a year” if we can. Mind you, when we had an Award for All Grant in 2006 we put on nearly two dozen ‘taster’ activities in the space of a year! Exhausting but worthwhile…

We also like to help support charitable causes if we can for a further community benefit whilst you enjoy ourselves socially. So far, OSC have supported charities helping bedwetting children, children with a fatal neurodegenerative disease and those affected by the Chernobyl radiation disaster. We have also supported in the village: the WI, Oxton Cricket Club, the Oxton Life Cycle project, toad conservation and the new ‘Swing into Action’ playspaces appeal.

Since last Autumn, OSC have been busy organising two theatre shows and two band and dance nights, Royal Wedding celebrations in April and welcomed Barb Jungr, an internationally-acclaimed cabaret singer, to Oxton in May through the Village Ventures Scheme.

We now looking forward to working on a series of film nights and village festivals which were popular suggestions from the Village Plan – so watch out for details.

We hope to see you at future events…

Oxton Social Committee members

Chair: Kath Soanes
Secretary: tba
Treasurer: Mike Hulme

Sue Hulme
Margaret Cooper
Nicky Newell
Julie Evans
Vicky Solomon
Diane Allen
Jan Sablitzky

To join the team and to request info you can contact Kath using the form below

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