Oxton Amateur Players

Once upon a time, over 30 years ago…

In 1978, a group of 6 families were looking to find something to entertain their children (there wasn’t a lot going on then) and came up with the idea of putting on a pantomine. Since then, the annual pantomine, put on in the Village Hall in the first week of December most years, has become one of the most eagerly anticipated events in the Village calendar and still involves a cross-section of ages, both on stage and, in support, off it.

The Players also perform plays and reviews and have even been on tour in the region with two murder mysteries, the plots of which they created themselves.

We have prided ourselves on giving young people from the age of five the means to interact with a group of ages and it has meant they learn sociability and confidence in their own right. A lot of the early children now have children of their own and are still part of the group in some form or other.

We always look forward to having new members.

For more information, contact Lin Jacobs on 0115 965 2084 or via the form below:

Videos of Pantos Past
Have a look at the Oxton Pantomime Players Millennium Show 2000:

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