Weather Station

Oxton has its very own weather station, located in the centre of the village and using a very high quality Davis Vantage Pro system to collect wind speed, wind direction, humidity, pressure, temperature, UV and solar information.

The data is consolidated every 5 minutes and sent to our dedicated web site along with a forecast for the next 24 hours. In addition the data is uploaded to Weather Underground, a world database of weather conditions.

Just go to

On the weather station page, it is also possible to select “Graph” and choose the time-frame of recent readings you want to see.

The Oxton station, along with a number of other local stations, can also be seen here at Experience over the last five years suggests it is more accurate than the Met Office!

Alternative forecasts are available from:

BBC weather forecast for Southwell

Met Office weather forecast for NG25 (based on Newark)

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