Oxton Now and Then

Oxton Now & Then is a book comprised of a series of interviews with Oxton residents conducted by Margaret Cooper in 2000 as part of the Nottinghamshire Living History Archive Millennium Award Scheme, and is reproduced on these pages with her permission.

Most of the people featured in this book remember a very different Oxton when cows munched their way up the roadside to Moorfield Farm and horses galloped across Fallows Lane along Oxton race course on Easter Monday. Despite the great changes described in this book, Oxton remains a thriving community and the two main businesses are still farming and building.

I am greatly indebted to the Nottinghamshire Living History Archive Millennium Awards Scheme for the award which has enabled me to undertake this oral history project on Oxton, and for the unfailing support from the organising team. I wish to thank all the contributors to this book who have patiently talked to me (and my tape-recorder) and not only shared their memories and experiences of Oxton but have also loaned precious photographs.

I am most grateful for the expertise and advice generously given by Denis Hill and Simon Ashmore, and for the marvellous support of my mentor (husband Bob) who has pushed me on when I was wimpish and has toiled with me for hours over the text of this book.

Margaret Cooper. September, 2001.

Oxton Now & Then

● Charles Doughty
● Christopher Riley
● Colin Ashmore
● Cyril, Ken & Reg Smith
● David & Betty Lees
● David Wilkins
● Desmond Palmer
● Eileen Saunders
● Elsie Cooper and Percy Cooper
● Ethel Clark
● Fred and Les Strutt