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We’d love to hear of any memories of Oxton that you would like to share on this website by adding them to the Comments below.

If you have a large amount of material or photos to share, then please get in touch with us at contactmyoxton@gmail.com and we will endeavour to publish them on separate pages, such as those already listed on the Oxton History page.

13 thoughts on “Oxton Memories

  1. With the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth, I mind went back to her Coronation, there weren’t too any people with a television in those days, but Mrs Shipside at The Manor House, being the owner of a motor business in Nottingham and Newark did have a television and I recall it was the type that had doors on it.

    I’m not 100% sure, but I do believe members of the Methodist Chapel were invited to watch the Coronation seat on forms from the Memorial Hall, at The Manor House and my sister and myself went along as we attended Sunday School.

    The Shipside family were very much part of village life and their daughter Mrs Hopkin that lived at Blue Haze on Forest Road, was the driving force behind the Methodist Chapel, she was also a Justice of the Peace.

    One of benefits with attending Sunday School was to be allowed to use the swimming pool at Blue Haze.

    Since reading the Virtual Tour, my mind has been in overdrive, recalling my childhood in Oxton, it would be nice to hear from the many people around my age.

  2. Having read the memories of Mike Rose, it got me thinking of people that I grew up with and my thoughts turned to where are they now, I know there are some still in the village.
    In the 1950s every house on Elmcroft seemed to have children living there, Mike Rose with his sister and brother Frankie, The Hall family Terry, Derek and Carol who moved next door to Phillip Allwood after The Cookman family moved away, I lived next door at 28 with my sister Annette and brothers Bryn and Nick, then there was Gary and Carolyn Wright, sadly Gary passed away, what a great sportsman, Gary was brilliant at every sport, he took up.
    Next door to them Ann and John Philips, Nigel Watson lived across the green to us with wife Audrey and his girls Lesley, Heather and Hazel.
    David Mann lived next door to Robert Burton and Sandra Hall lived next to The Lenton’s Mick, Patricia, Peter and I think Jenny.
    Gary Cooper, who I know is still in the village, Mick Coulter another good footballer.
    Jim Bookey and his brother Patrick and Julian, they lived near Susan, Marion and Micheal and Clive Catlin (Marion and Micheal are Twins).
    Terry Redfern lived at the 2nd house on Elmcroft next door to Jack Atherley, such was village life at that time, that everyone knew everyone and I remember well if someone’s mother was out and left the washing on the line, a neighbour would take it in, if it rained, such was closeness of the village.
    The village cricket team was almost a closed shop, in as much as only the odd person from outside the village could play, one being Doctor Brooks from Lowdham, as he was the Doctor so some village people, all cricket matches were played at home, such was the desire of teams to come to tranquil setting of Oxton Cricket Ground.
    Les Barnby was Club Captain for many years, Nigel Watson, Fred Wadsworth, Denis Roe, Terry Redfern Geoff Paling, his brother Richard and many more that escape me now, all played for the village side.
    Such was the desire to play cricket, that occasionly a second team would turn out, I remember playing in the same 2nd team as Gary Wright, his father Ted and his grandfather Jim.

    • I have loved finding this page. My dad is Terry Hall, he is still alive and kicking 🙂 We emigrated to Australia in 1973. My Aunty Carol lives in Farnsfield with her husband Phillip Allwood. My cousin Sandra is still in Elmcroft, also my Aunty Fanny was until she recently passed away. Would love to hear from you so i can pass this on to my dad and Uncle Derrick (who is also in Australia)

  3. Robert, my parents and my brother Stephen and I lived at number 22…..the Shepperson family. I remember your brother Bryn. Across the road from us were the Honman family and next door were the Strutts. We emigrated to Western Australia in 1968.

    • Hello Claire, sorry that I missed you and Stephen out, I should have remember as I do believe Stephen and Bryn, went to school together such along time ago.
      Hopefully other people that have now moved away will get in contact through this great website.

      • It is a great website and like you say maybe a few more will get in contact eventually. In the meantime, I’m enjoying reading about my birthplace…even if it is from the other side of the world!

  4. I am researching my Ancestry and have traced a link back to the village of Oxton but have got stuck!!

    Have found three groups of Weightman/Wightman in the mid 1700s. Is there a local history society or an individual with an interest in local history that I could contact?

    My particular interest is with one group of William Wightman, farmer, who married an Isabella ? and had children Hannah,Samuel,Robert, James,Elizabeth, Mary and a Sarah all between 1762 and 1769 and all baptised at Oxton church which I recently visited as I live nearby at Long Bennington near Newark.

  5. Hi Keith….You could try to speak/email a gentleman called Colin Ashmore who lives in the village. I don’t know his email address though. Maybe the webmaster at contactmyoxton@gmail.com could put you in contact??
    Jill J

  6. Hello to Oxton! I have been browsing your pages and found them so interesting in that it takes me back many years to my first visits to the village. I played cricket for my works team – Viyella – in the 50’s and our last match of the season was always with Oxton CC. On one occassion Oxton were short of players because of harvest time and I was asked if I would like a game the next week. I was happy to do so. As a result my wife and I were invited to a dance in the village hall. When Viyella closed I became a regular team member of the Oxton side and played many years. Later I moved from the city to Farnsfield and lived there through my retirement, bereavment and my departure for New York State. I remember with affection those years and the players. Les Barnby was captain and all of the players mentioned in your pages are still in my memories. Clive Catlin – (Hi Clive) I remember was a tall lanky 11-12 year old boy which now is hard to imagine! Terry Redfern did work on my house -and so-on and so-on. I became a qualified umpire and have officiated here for some years though the sport is nothing compared to an English Village version. Good luck with all that you are trying to do and my prayers go with you.

    let the PO/

  7. Robert Davis. The coronation was watched by most of the village at green dragon tea and sandwiches were served people came and went All day I was at school with Annette .mr mrs brown at the shop gave every child at school a coronation mug .I still have mine mr mrs Bell gave us a New Testament I cant, remeber if it was for the coronation or when. We went to Eward Cludd school at Southwell. My special friends were June Coulter and Maureen Smith I lost touch with June if you know any thingI would like to know I also worked at the co op when it first opened with Maureen and Eileen Bramble .

  8. The green dragon had one of the best Sunday football team in the area playing in the Mansfield Sunday league n Watson was team manager the team went to Spain as reward for winning I think Mansfield Sunday cup play at clipstone do not remember score local player Gary wright Bryan davies phil allowed at the time late sixties Oxton also had one of the best local cricket club league one south notts village league win or lose we always enjoyed a drink in the dragon so nice to see the old place back to life good luck to new owners m Jarvis Oxton

  9. A long shot really but does anyone remember my grand mother who lived in oxton until her death in the 50s or early 60s.I understand that this is along time ago and most people who lived there then would have passed away.As a child I remember visiting her with my father.She lived in a row of terraced houses next to the fiord where the water crossed through the road.All I really know is her name was Mary Elizabeth Marshall but married again and moved to Oxton.If any one as an info please email jondavidmarshall@hotmail.com

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