Preface & Introduction

THE people of the County of Nottingham have not been sufficiently acquainted with the history of their own locality, the lives of those who have resided in the district and struggled to secure the advantages now enjoyed. In many of the parishes men and women who have worthily served their generation are forgotten by those who still live in the same district. This is true of Non-conformity generally and of Methodism in particular. An attempt is here made to re-discover the rank and file of the people of Nottinghamshire. In this little book we look at these ordinary men and women who were compelled to worship in farm-kitchens, and barns, watch them as they begin to transform their cottages into chapels, and follow them as they are seen making their first ventures in Social Service, which laid the foundation of the reforms of the nineteenth century. Accounts of the persecution they faced reveal the courage and steadfastness which silenced the mobs and ended opposition. In these days of hurry and rush there are few to give heed to such details, and yet these very things are capable of giving pleasure and instruction to those who have eyes to see, and ears to hear. Throughout the length and breadth of the land, relics of bygone times and memorials of the skill and devotion of our fathers in village and city, deserve our notice. As Macaulay says, `A people which takes no pride in the noble achievements of its great ancestors, will never achieve anything worthy to be remembered by its remote descendants.’


THE preparing of this record has been a labour of love on the part of the author, and to me has fallen the privilege of preparing it for the press. The courage that stirred the hearts of those who have been recorded here, and of the larger host who are unrecorded, is a heritage that we cannot neglect, and in the hope that some will be inspired to follow in their steps and win yet greater glories for their Master and their Motherland, this book is issued to the world.


Stories of life and folk in Nottinghamshire in
general, and Oxton in particular

Preface and Introduction
Chapter 1 – Nottinghamshire in the Olden days
Chapter 2 – Oxton in Olden Days
Chapter 3 -Oxton in the Nineteenth Century
Chapter 4 – The Chapels at Oxton
Chapter 5 – The People of the Village
Chapter 6 – The Charities Parish Church Hall and Village of Oxton
Chapter 7 – The Towns and Villages Roundabout

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