About This Site

Why have a village website?

This website is for anybody in, or interested in, the village of Oxton, Nottinghamshire UK.

It was born as a result of the consultation meetings held towards the end of 2010 with over 100 residents of the village. The creation of ‘My Oxton’ is to satisfy their very widely expressed desire to know more about our village and to be able to find simple information from a single accessible source away from home.

This is YOUR website, put together by volunteers. It awaits YOUR IDEAS about what you would like to see for your own interest and convenience. No official body stands behind this website, nobody is telling us what to do other than Oxton residents like you.

Although neither I nor the Village Plan Group are any longer involved in the development of MyOxton, please send your input and ideas for whatever you would like to see on the site, to Jill Jones jillbobaggins1@gmail.com

Tom Heinersdorff, Village Plan Group


Just email jillbobaggins1.gmail.com if you are interested in revising/getting content on this site. Further details as indicated will then be posted in due course.


The webmaster reserves the right to remove what they consider as any irrelevant, offensive or discriminatory content and comment postings on this site.

Our comments policy is detailed here.

If you object to any material on this site, please contact us at jillbobaggins@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “About This Site

  1. A big thanks to new resident, Dave Greenwood, for offering his IT expertise and taking on the development of this first-ever community website for Oxton village. It has morphed since its first launch version back in April last year into a more visually stimulating and interactive site where you can easily find and share interesting facts for a ‘heads up’ on activities and events on your doorstep.
    So the more contributions, the merrier!

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