Oxton History

Here you will find information about the history of the village of Oxton.

There is also a separate page to record your own memories of Oxton.

Oxton Archaeology about the Iron Age camp and tumuli at the top of Windmill Hill
The Great Domesday Book detailing the village around AD1085. You can read about the context and production of the Domesday Book at the National Archive or on Wikipedia
Oxton Now and Then – Memories for the Millennium compiled by Margaret Cooper in 2000, featuring interviews with Oxton residents
I Lived in a Village: Stories of life and folk in Nottinghamshire in general, and Oxton in particular”  by Tom Shipside, an undated book published around 1950, and covering the period AD1000-1950
Oxton History on external sites

Other interesting material about historic Oxton is to be found at the following external websites:

8 thoughts on “Oxton History

  1. Hi

    We moved into the Police House, Nottingham Road, Oxton last summer and I am interested in any memories or information any residents may have of the property.

    Kirsty Leinster

    • Hi John saywell owned the old police house and built the front extent ion and fourth bedroom he was a joinery teacher at the old lowdham grange borstal he also ran the jam school of motoring this would be in 80/s John passed a way about two yes ago big Clive from Elmcroft help build exts and worked at tv nix next door Ben was the last policeman to live and work from there in 80/s tom Rolf retired there and moved to Elmcroft his wife still lives there Malcolm Jarvis sandy lane Oxton.

  2. Am thoroughly enjoying My Oxton although I never actually lived in the village being Calverton bred and born. I spent many happy hours around my Grand-dads farm on Water Lane – Cherry Tree Farm better known in these days as Reavill’s Farm dating back from the early 1930’s through to the time when he was unable to farm anymore. Does anyone have any idea where I can get a copy of Tommy Shipsides book I Lived in a Village? My copy was lost or more accurately stolen in the late 1960’s when I moved from Calverton. Am now living close to my ancestors home in Gainsborough, Lincs but come back to Oxton frequently. Barbara.

    • Barbara, hello. I am David Kierans husband of Angela. Angela is of the Reavill clan and I am wondering who lived at Cherry tree Farm?…. as you called it Reavill’s Farm ???? Hope you are still catching up on this blog. Best regards, David

  3. Hello, my name is David John Little, I am 72 years of age. My mother (now deceased) was Lillian Little but her maiden name was HOPKIN and her father was John (known as Jack) one of the sons of John Hopkin who was the landlord of the Green Dragon Pub in Oxton and hence my great-grandfather. Now the older John Hopkin had other sons one of whom was Levi Hopkin and Levi Hopkin Married Frances Mary Shipside, the daughter of Tom Shipside who became the founder of S|hipside’s Morris distributorship. Levi and Frances had a daughter, Kathleen Mary Hopkin who subsequently married John Crow. Since Kathleen Mary Hopkin is the daughter of my mother’s father’s brother, my mother and Kathleen are first cousins (not sure what that makes me!!) I can remember being taken by my mother to ‘Blue Haze’ on a number of occasions, also to ‘Fountain Dale’ and I believe I was taken for a flight in Bill Shipside’s aeroplane. I lived for a while on Honeyknab Lane and so I have tenuous connections with the place and some of the people who lived and live there. I am trying to find out more about the Hopkins and their connections with Oxton.

  4. My name is Adele Rolf, nee Willoughby. My great-great grandparents Richard and Sarah Hitchcock (nee Willoughby) lived in Oxton and to my great delight I found their gravestone in the church graveyard on a visit last year. My great grandparents John and Sarah Hitchcock (nee Berridge) were married in the church and all their children were born in Oxton. I just wondered if there is anyone still in the Oxton area with the name Hitchcock/Willoughby/Berridge? Many thanks.

  5. Hello,
    I’m very interested in the Waterloo planting in the 100 acre field.
    Can anyone give me any references or links

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