About Oxton

BETWEEN Nottingham and Southwell, though nearer the last named place, stands the village of Oxton, in a sufficiently pleasant situation” Leonard Jacks (1881)  

Oxton is a village in Nottinghamshire, England, lying on the B6386, located 5 miles west of Southwell, 5 miles north of Lowdham, 10 miles NE of Nottingham and 2 miles NE of Calverton, close to the A6097 trunk road.

The village is of Saxon origin, with the name Oxa-tun deriving from the Old Norse meaning for “a farm or enclosue where oxen are kept”.

By the time Oxton was listed in the Domesday Survey, it was a settlement that was in the ownership of three men of high importance, the Archbishop of York, Roger de Bully and Walter of Dayncourt.

Oxton has also been the seat of the Sherbrooke Family since the 16th century, although there is some evidence that the family may have had lands here from as early as the 14th century.

Although the number of properties has increased from 170 to about 250 since the time Jacks was writing in 1881, the population has decreased from 788 to less than 600.

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