HERE’S A GLIMPSE OF THE NEW PLAY EQUIPMENT!!….click here for more details

Not long now until installation of the new equipment in our lovely play park. Current planned start date is 8th August. There have been a couple of changes, for example, the Tortoise Springer and Hip Hop have been removed from the scheme and replaced with an item of higher play value. Further information will be published via the Dover Beck, MyOxton and the noticeboard as and when available.

Children and adults will be able to view the exciting new play scheme on SUNDAY 5TH JUNE in the village hall, but here’s a little taster with this QR-code:

The Team Swing, Clamberstack, Adventure Trail & the Zip Wire are being retained. All equipment in the toddler/junior area is being replaced. Your Parish Councillors hope that you love the new equipment as much as they do.

2 thoughts on “HERE’S A GLIMPSE OF THE NEW PLAY EQUIPMENT!!….click here for more details

    • The successful contractor advised that the majority of their equipment is ‘universal’ e.g. suitable for children of all abilities. However, if you are asking if there is any equipment that will facilitate a wheelchair being pushed onto it then, no I’m sorry ,there isnt.

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