4 thoughts on “Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – Village Celebration 5TH June….THE EVENT IS STILL HAPPENING TODAY IN THE HALL. PLEASE COME ALONG

  1. When and where is the Lighting of the Beacon?
    I’m the editor of this site therefore nothing to do with commenting on what’s happening and when/where, that’s down to the event organisers to provide me with the info.
    However, it has hardly been advertised. The lighting is at 21:45 on Thursday 2nd on recreation ground, short burst of fireworks to follow. The bar is open from ???? Maybe an organiser can answer that question….😟

  2. The beacon will be lit on 2nd June at 21:45 on the recreation ground near the village hall. Bar in the hall opens earlier. There will also be a short firework display after hte lighting.

  3. Oh, its being lit on the pleasure ground. Such a shame its not up Robin Hood like it normally is.

    Thank you both for your help.

    • Nationally, all beacons are being lit at the same time e.g. 21:45. In the past, when it’s been on Windmill Hill. beacons across the land were lit sequentially. For this occsion it was thought that the recreation ground would be the better place so more Oxtonians could join in.

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