VEDAY 75 ‘STAY AT HOME’ STREET PARTY… here for more details

The planned event in the village hall is no longer going ahead but Oxtonians, you are being asked to celebrate 75 years of peace by holding a celebratory party and/or picnic in your own garden.

There will be two minutes silence at 11:00am.

As the church clock chimes 3pm on the 8th May please raise a glass and take part in ‘The Nation’s Toast to the Heroes of WW2’  in memory of the fallen thousands

I’m sure you will agree that the Covid19 pandemic has made us all realise how we miss our freedom of movement and that we should cherish it when all returns to normal, and it will. With this in mind I’m sure we can fully appreciate how it must have felt 75 years ago when peace was declared and people were allowed to return to their normal lives without fear of injury or death.

As a nation we strived through that dark period in our history with success and we will do so again.

veday party

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