4 thoughts on “S.O.S – SUPPORT OXTON’S SHOP……click here for some very important info

  1. Hi Jill, hope the message gets through. I purposely purchased all my stamps for Christmas from our post office too. Hope you are both well.

    We were lucky with the floods again. From early afternoon on Thursday myself and Rob (TV nix, he is amazing) bless him started clearing the leaves from the top of the drains. Once cleared drains were functioning. I have a broken elbow so I was struggling and appreciated his help. In the end I had to call Steve to come home from work as the water was rising. Early evening others came to help which was welcomed. I hope the council will be clearing leaves over the following weeks. Do you know who I can write to please. I hope all on Water Lane New road and else where in the village were ok.

    Best wishes


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    • Well said Jill.
      The shop is such a great asset to the village and Gill stocks it with some really good quality local produce. We are delighted to say that our liqueurs are now available there. So hopefully another reason to pop in and see Gill. If your favourite flavour is not in stock or you would like your bottle personalised Gill can take orders too.

      Best wishes
      The Oxton Liqueur Company

  2. As the starter and owner of the shop I am delighted to see it still ploughing a furrow in the village, with thanks for keeping us above water during Covid 19 attack. Blessings to ‘deliverers’ supporting vulnerable folk and of course to Gill and Ken especially for obtaining our favourite crisps and Sheila’s favourite from The Oxton Liqueur Company Colin Ashmore

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