Best Kept Village Competition 2019 – Can You Spare A Little Time To Help Oxton Win It!

village needs youThe Parish Council (PC) has decided to enter this year’s competition and is hoping that the village will pull together to win the prize. The last time Oxton won was in 2014 when we were awarded runners-up. The PC has approved funding to buy plants for the 11 planters sited throughout the village and a group of volunteers will be dealing with managing this in readiness  for the competition.

If you would like to help then please continue to keep your property area tidy and maintained.

You might also choose to join a group of like minded villagers who will be doing their best to tidy up the village on the following dates:-

10:00am on SUNDAY 26TH MAY and 2ND JUNE – meet in the village hall car park. Please bring along a shovel, brush and wheelbarrow.

Dates when the judges will be in Oxton:-

Round 1 – between Monday 10 June and Friday 28 June 

The four villages with the highest judges’ scores in each section will be entered into

Round 2 – Monday 8 July and Friday 26 July 2019.

No notice is given to the village of the date of judging in either round. The PC will be notified by email of the results of Round 1

If it helps here is a list of factors amongst those that may be considered. The judges rank each of the four categories below as either Excellent, Very Good, Good, Satisfactory or Could Be Better.

1. Domestic Properties:
 General maintenance
 Gardens
 Hedges
 Verges / frontages
2. Commercial Premises (if any):
 Shops
 Petrol Stations
 Farm buildings and farmyards
 Works entrances
3. Community Facilities:
 Churches, Chapels and
 Cemetery
 Schools and playgrounds
 Car parks
 Playing fields
 Village hall
 Village green
 Notice boards
 Footpaths
 Street furniture
 Bus shelters
 Telephone kiosks
 Verges and gutters
 Stream or pond
4. Any Other Obvious Efforts for
the benefit of the Community:
 Evidence of volunteering
 Community Activities
 Care for the elderly
 Engagement with young people
 General involvement in the Best Kept Village Competition

The top village from each of the four sections will go forward to be judged for the
Wilkinson ‘Best of Nottinghamshire’ Award.

Let’s work together and win the Best Kept Village prize – our lovely village deserves it!

The competition is organised by the Campaign to Protect Rural England (Nottinghamshire) and is sponsored by Wilkinsons

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