Trees Felled then Travellers move into empty space. Why So Long To Move Them On!?


Are you, like me, wondering why Notts County Council (NCC) are taking so long in serving a ‘move on’ order to the travellers at the junction of Old Epperstone Road and Southwell Road? The travellers have been in residence for more than two months yet no order appears to have been served nor does anyone seem to be doing anything about it. The issue was raised at the March Parish Council (PC) meeting at which Roger Jackson, our NCC & NSDC Councillor, was present.

The whole thing is ludicrous; at the PC meeting back in November 2018 Roger Jackson said that; “Via East Midlands confirmed that the trees on the Old Epperstone Road/ Southwell Road junction were felled due to structural concerns and the location next to a busy junction was considered a high risk area.”

So, the trees were felled and then the travellers moved in with their vehicles which are causing more of a ‘high risk’ than a couple of tree trunks! Visibility at the junction is a real issue and to be honest, there doesn’t seem to be any urgency or dare I say, willingness, to do anything about it.  Come on NCC do something before there’s a serious accident on the junction!

If you feel the same way as myself then please contact Roger Jackson, Oxton’s Notts County Councillor, and ask him what is happening with the ‘move on’ order……..and please NCC, this time do not allow the travellers to move back to the plot at the end of Oakes Lane/A6097 – this is becoming a farce.


Work Telephone No: 0115 9772258
Mobile No: 07866 494731


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3 thoughts on “Trees Felled then Travellers move into empty space. Why So Long To Move Them On!?

  1. Behind the scenes your Parish Chairman, District Councillor Roger Jackson, MP and head of Highways have been in regular contact regarding this particular group of Travellers. A court injunction was sort two weeks ago but was thrown out on a technicality. We are awaiting further court action to force them to move on.
    We have also explored what measures can be taken to prevent return to Oaks lane junction on the A6097. Unfortunately every suggestion to put a physical barrier to prevent entry was inadmissible under Health and Safety regulations to all road users. Further court action would be required to ban this group from moving back on to that area. This matter is entirely in the hands of our local Highways department as they are on their land.
    In response to the tree felling we were given the reason that the crown had become diseased and unsafe. This would mean any accident caused by debris falling from these trees would leave the County council open to litigation , hence there removal. Parish Council had requested replacement trees but as with Oaks lane prevention of Travellers returning would be based on court action not a physical barriers for the same reasons. Roadside tree safety is paramount and as a land owners representative I know you have to comply any order no matter what your thoughts are or the cost.

  2. Follow up on my comments from yesterday. I have been notified at the third attempt an injunction was successfully gained by Highways yesterday. This will mean that the Travellers will be forced to move in the next few days.

  3. I understand an order has now been granted to move these Travellers on again , thank goodness, it is looking like a scrap yard !
    As some others have mentioned- they will probably move back to the Oakes lane plot .
    I believe the appeal to both sites is the availability of water , I reported witnessing the Hydrant at Oakes lane being used , and suggested that Severn Trent take action to secure the hydrant- I have heard that this is not a viable action, as the Travellers will simply break any locks etc off , with the possibility of causing damage to the infrastructure, they would rather loose some water to them rather than risk damage – this is wrong in my opinion- it should be secured and if broken off – replaced and monitored with the Police involved because of Criminal damage !

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