Yeah!! Oxton Has A New ‘Social Committee’!!


Thursday 31st January saw 24 villagers turn out from their warm homes into a very cold night in order to attend a meeting in the Park View Room (formerly the Bar Room) to discuss whether they believed that there was still a demand for a ‘Social Committee’ in Oxton.

The overwhelming response was….yes!

Post-it stickers were handed out and attendees wrote down their ideas for social events. Altogether the group came up with 60-70 great ideas! These were gathered together at the end of the meeting and then, a couple of days later, collated into ‘internal’ and ‘external’ lists of potential events. Copies of these two lists were then emailed out to attendees and also to villagers who said they couldn’t make the meeting but would like to be involved.

Attendees were also asked whether they would be willing to offer their time to be part of the main ‘Social Committee’ or, if not, would they be willing to help out. Nine of the attendees offered their skills for the main ‘Social Committee’ and the other fifteen said they would like to offer help for events.  Fantastic!  

The first meeting of the ‘new’ Social Committee will take place on Monday 11th February at 7:00pm and, among other things, will discuss whether a new name should be adopted as the word ‘Committee’ is often said to deter people from getting involved and also, decide which idea/s to choose as the first (of many) event/s.

The small group is by no means fixed so if you feel you would like to be involved either on the main ‘Committee’ or as a helper, then please let me know.  The more the merrier!

I will post updates on MyOxton and also in the Dover Beck. I do so hope the village will support events organised by the group.

Best Wishes

Jill Jones………..0115 965 5984/

Social Committee Members: Jill Jones, Mark Foxwell, Margaret Cooper, Tracey Akehurst, Jonathan Mackie,  Adrian Todd, Caroline Borrett, Mark Tomlinson & Mike Hulme

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