Village Planters

PLANTERSbannerI hope you will agree that the wooden planters full of flowers along Main Street have looked fantastic over the years since they were purchased by the Parish Council and have been a great addition to the village. Residents have kept them stocked up with different plants throughout the year to create a lovely colourful display for both visitors and residents. It is mainly a job which needs doing at the beginning of the summer and winter seasons as the bulbs at other times of year take care of themselves. The people who have done a wonderful job looking after the planters over the years are now ready to step down from this and new volunteers are required. Would you, perhaps with a group of likeminded neighbours, like to do this to keep your village looking good?

The Parish Council pay for the plants so there is no requirement for expenditure on the part of the volunteers, just some of your time. It would be particularly good to get someone on board before June as this is when the judging takes place for the Best Kept Village competition and it would be a shame if the planters do not look nice for this.

If you feel that you can offer some time to assist with the planters please let the Parish Clerk know on:

Email –

Phone – 01636812023

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