2018 OXTON FETE UPDATE – What A Great Day!

OF poster 1

The third annual Oxton Fete was a very successful village event, enjoyed by many.  Thank you to the people who attended, hosted stalls or volunteered their help.

Wider publicity including social media, coupled with perfect weather, ensured this year’s event was larger than the previous years.  We raised a total of £1,355.57 for the “Oxton Good Causes” fund, which now stands at an impressive £2,513.77.

One raffle prize remains unclaimed.  Someone named Paula bought one single raffle ticket, which was drawn.  She missed off two digits from her mobile number, which begins 07989.  Is this you or do you know Paula?  Please get in touch for your prize.

Next year’s Oxton Fete is on the same day, the first Sunday in July, 7th July 2019.  Please get in touch if you’d like to host a stall or volunteer 1½ hours of your time.

Email oxtonfete@yahoo.com or call Mark on 0115 752 0257.  See you next year!

2 thoughts on “2018 OXTON FETE UPDATE – What A Great Day!

  1. Hi Mark……the original advert said that the money raised from this years’ Fete would go towards assistance for the church fund plus the Oxton Good Causes. Is this still the same please as there’s no mention of the Church in the above. Thanks

    • Hi Jill. Yes the plan is to certainly make a contribution towards the Church appeal. Some of the Oxton Fete organisers are getting together this weekend for a debrief, so we’ll have a clearer idea then hopefully. Regards, Mark

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