2018 Footpath Walks


2pm SUNDAY 20th MAY 2018

Meet in the Village Hall Car Park

Come along for a lovely walk through the local, beautiful countryside – maps to be provided on the day


Starting at the Village Hall at 2pm, we will split into several groups in order to walk all the public footpaths within the parish boundary. The routes are of different lengths, so there is something for everyone. The more energetic folk may wish to run or jog, but the most of us will walk at a comfortable pace suitable for once-a-year walkers. A camera may come in handy too.

The origins of this practice go back many centuries. One of the historic reasons was to “beat the boundaries” of the parish. In the days before detailed maps the parish limits would be marked out by a series of boundary markers. Formal responsibility for path maintenance rests with County Council but they still need somebody to actually walk the paths each year in order to observe and report any problems…….and that is where we come in. Please bring along a camera to photograph any signage problems or blocked footpaths.

All comers welcome – we look forward to seeing you!

 Karen Birks, Clerk to Oxton Parish Council

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