Oxton Children Go Daffodil Planting

Children from Oxton have been out planting daffodil bulbs along the wall on Main Street (opposite the PO/shop to the village hall entrance).  Everyone is looking forward to see the daffodils in flower next Spring.

The photos show Daisy, Lizzie, Emily, Florian, Noah, Matilda, Florence, Isabel, George, Phoebe, Tegan, sisters Bea and Felicity and (Florian’s sister) March having fun planting the daffodils.

Thank you to the mums who donated the bulbs and thank you to Oxton Parish Council for granting permission.



One thought on “Oxton Children Go Daffodil Planting

  1. Great to see all the kids having fun planting the bulbs. Well done Michelle Mean for coming up with the idea.

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