BUSbannerThe bus service to and from Oxton is changing from the 29th August 2016.

The NCT 47 will no longer call at Oxton or take passengers all the way to Nottingham.

A new service 747 will provide buses to Calverton and Lowdham. This new bus route  will operate Monday to Saturday with the first bus from Oxton at 10:25 and then hourly until 13:25.

Access to Nottingham will involve changing at Lowdham to the NCT Pathfinder 100 or  at Calverton for the Trentbarton Calverton.

Click here to download new bus timetable (live from 29th August 2016)




  1. What a shame. The 47 was a fantastic service. We’ve waited years for a decent bus service and now there’s no way to get to Oxton from Nottingham after 2.
    Back to square one……

  2. Absolutely useless bus service. Totally agree with Adrian’s comment. What is the point of it if you can’t get back to Oxton at the end of the day. If you use the earliest bus out and the last one back you get 1.5 hours in town. Big wow!

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