Oxton Singers Christmas concert

Oxton Singers December Concert

Oxton Singers December Concert

Oxton Singers gave a lively and enjoyable concert on Saturday 13th December.  There were old favourites, new songs, humorous readings and ‘have-a-go’ handbells (thanks Caroline!).  If you missed it, or if you would like to see them again, here are some highlights on Youtube.

Let it be                http://youtu.be/x5jWbzBDp28

Let it go                http://youtu.be/3A69lh4oqHY

And so it goes    http://youtu.be/nSPTJoo_h2s

Fairytale in New York     http://youtu.be/WVGfga3OO60

Xmas is a time to love      http://youtu.be/58gblSjKaIA

Snowflake           http://youtu.be/Ykzzlg4seAE

Singing Bird    http://youtu.be/QNkFufNrVnY

Rockin Around the Xmas tree    http://youtu.be/60nA3TTLXaI

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