Do you have an idea for new village activity or group? If so, get in touch with OCF!

Oxton Community Fundraisers are a registered charity set up a few years ago to help raise funds for the new playspace and since then have been operating a Small Grants Scheme to offer small sums of match funding to groups needing support for equipment used for other activities in the village eg the Oxton HandBell Ringers.   If you are an existing group in the village and would like some more info, please be in touch.  Equally, do be in touch if you have an idea for a new group activity in the village and would like to have a chat about how to get things off the ground…

Jan Sablitzky OCF Secretary

OCF Reg Charity 1147964

7 thoughts on “Do you have an idea for new village activity or group? If so, get in touch with OCF!

    • Thanks for this suggestion,Bob, I will pass to the rest of the OCF Management Trustees as next step as obviously we would need to tout for interest – What do you envisage it involving?

      • I think that it would require s group of not less than 10 to make it work. Let’s wait tom see what reaction there is

    • Would forming Oxtons own historical society, many photos are locked away in many Oxton homes ,which will be lost never to be scene again,the group could form village gallery to be enjoyed by all the village ,perhaps mrs bells room would be ideal location.

      • Dear Malcolm, that is a good thought. If you could let us know what you envisage would be involved – practicalities and £-wise then we could help tout for interest? Could have a virtual gallery ie online on this site too? Obviously, would need someone to lead on this too…

    • Hi Lee
      Thanks for this suggestion. I have asked the other Trustees and we feel we can help advertise but would you be able to think through what you would need practicalities and £-wise and then be in touch as if there is enough interest ie benefit to the community and you need funds – we offer on a matching-fund basis. The Parish Council also have a Village Plan fund to help fund identified ideas/projects (and a fresh Village Plan needs producing in the next year or so) – but like anything, getting something up and running on a sustainable basis needs someone to take the lead…

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