‘Wonderful British Villages’ photo competition

Allied Westminster are running a ‘Wonderful British Villages’ photo competition.

The photo competition is all about community events and activities in and around villages. Submit a photo, tell them where it is, which county, and a little bit about the event or activity. Whether it is a community gathering such as a village fête, fund raising for the village hall or something else for the local community, or simply a fun event to boost the community spirit, they want to see it!

They would like to encourage participation from as many villages and/or people across the country keen to support village and rural communities, not least from those who run and actively use village and community halls which are at the very heart of rural community life – providing a hub for social activities, classes and services such as shops, post offices, and doctors’ surgeries.

Entrants can win between £25 and £125, and help generate a donation from Allied Westminster of between £50 and £250 for their nominated village or community halls.

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