Oxton Bonfire and Firework Night 2013

For this year’s bonfire and firework night on Saturday 2nd November,  we will be keeping the main changes from last year to improve safety and enhance the experience that was enjoyed by all.

To allow unrestricted access to the event for emergency vehicles there will be no parking on the East side of Main Street, between New Road and Blind Lane, between 5.00 pm and 11.00 pm on the evening. We hope that this will not inconvenience residents who normally park on the opposite side of the road. Both public houses in the village have generously agreed to allow visitors to park in their car parks during the evening subject to the proviso that you patronise them afterwards.

The field containing the bonfire will be open, from 11.00 am until 4.00 pm on the Saturday and Sunday 19th and 20th and 26th and 27th October for the receipt of materials for the bonfire. Please note that material must not be placed on the bonfire at any other time. The materials being put onto the bonfire will be supervised so that no dangerous waste such as foam-filled furniture, rubber, aerosols, tins of paint, pressurised gas cylinders, tyres, roofing felt and bottles will be accepted.  No materials producing light ash which could blow about, such as corrugated cardboard, or materials which will produce excessive smoke, such as roofing felt, will be allowed.

Please remember that we do not allow people to bring their own alcoholic drinks, fireworks or sparklers into the event.

All money raised goes to help fund the Village Hall which is an increasingly well used and popular asset of the village.

Oxton B&F Poster 2013 A4 Colour

One thought on “Oxton Bonfire and Firework Night 2013

  1. Just been up to do the daily inspection of the bonfire.

    I could not believe what has been left on it, since yesterday, by one or more irresponsible people.

    Dirty nappies, cans of emulsion paint, polystyrene foam, carpet underlay and large parts of vacuum cleaners. None of it suitable for a bonfire or indeed any form of disposal other than proper disposal of hazardous waste. Fly tipping at its environmental worst.

    I hope the guilty read this and feel ashamed.

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