Save our Shop!?

Please look out for your copy of the community survey form in the forthcoming September issue of the ‘Dover Beck’ and the accompanying article for background information on why it is really important for all Oxton residents to fill one in.

A good village store is a key asset to any rural community from providing a local service on our doorstep to acting as an informal social centre and can boost property values significantly.

Our shop/PO could close so should/can we save it? If it did then socially, economically and environmentally ‘we’d all pick up the bill’ – so maybe we can run it as a community-managed venture like lots of other villages across the UK are doing successfully?

Please fill in your survey form and return by the deadline of Sunday Sept 15th to help the project team scope this idea for feasibility here in Oxton. Thank you.

Project Lead: Robyn Farrar

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