Success for Oxton in First Round of the Nottinghamshire Best Kept Village Competition

The judging for the first round of the Nottinghamshire Best Kept Village Competition is now complete and Oxton has been placed in the top four for its section.

This is GREAT NEWS and well done to all who have been making special efforts to keep the village neat, tidy and looking its best.

Oxton has now been forwarded to the next and final round and judging for this will take place between Monday 1st July and Friday 19th July. The calibre of the four villages in this final is very high and it is important that Oxton continues to keep up the good work in keeping the village looking good.

The Parish Council continue to ensure the verges and hedges are cut regularly, the recreation field, play area, notice boards etc are kept well maintained and is very grateful to all the residents who do their bit to ensure entrances to properties are kept neat and tidy. The volunteers who keep the village planters well stocked do an especially important job is helping the village to look attractive.

Please keep up the good work as we move into the final round of this competition and GOOD LUCK to Oxton!

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