9 thoughts on “** Public Meeting Fri 5th July**

  1. Great news that we’ll have chance to discuss this! I just feel once we’ve lost it we’ll never get it back – it’s so convenient to have for fresh bread/milk not to mention all the other last minute bits – that are worth paying a bit more for once youve taken petrol costs in to account to drive/bus elsewhere.It’d also be a shame to lose our paper deliveries and having somewhere (other than a main post office) to pick up parcels etc.
    I for one really hope that as a whole village we can put our heads together and come up with a solution as so many other villages have managed to do.
    Thank you to the Parish Council for calling this meeting. Robyn

  2. Well done Parish Council – thank you!
    We may need to think of where the shop + PO could be more roomily located, so it can carry a wider stock. And perhaps how it could be staffed by village volunteers, to stay open late enough to be useful to the commuters living in the village.
    Its not just a shop/PO, it’s a great place to meet and chat – we mustn’t lose that!

  3. I agree it would be a great shame to loose these valuable facilities within the village. Unfortunately I cannot come along to the meting due to a prior engagement. I agree with all of the comments other than I think the shop needs to remain somewhere along the Main Street or else passing traffic/walkers etc will assume there is no longer a shop. Yes we need to keep the papers, the PO, lottery and groceries perhaps expanding to more farm shop products, open till 6? The shop is yet another community hub. Once it’s gone, it’s gone

  4. Please remind me of the other (local) villages with community shops that would be worth investigating. I recall Robyn mentions some names but I have forgotton them already!

    • We visited one at Barrowden: Barrowden and Wakerley Community Shop,
      22, Wakerley Road, Barrowden, Rutland LE15 8EP – effectively 2 portacabins at right angles, with large food and staples selection, internet café and tea shop. They deeply regret the irrevocable loss of their PO.
      2 paid staff, incl manager, + 30 volunteers do 2hrs at a time.
      They buy from Booker cash&carry, sometimes use supermarket offers, + use specialist suppliers for nice things + local manufacturers. Did not investigate joining Londis/spar, but are investigating discount buying from co-op.
      They would be happy to help us – I have contact names and numbers, and lots more notes.

      Other East Midlands community shops are listed by the Plunkett Foundation at http://www.communityshops.coop/shops/results/field_county%3A%2271%22 – there are plenty of stories and facts on each if you select a region and click through to an individual shop.

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