The Old Green Dragon

The Green Dragon will be closed after this weekend for a month whilst renovations are being continued through to the existing bar area which has remained open for the past four months whilst works to the former lounge bar have been carried out.

Sunday 30th June will be the final day for the pub in its present format, opening from midday until 11pm. The pub will remain closed during the month of July.

On Friday, 2nd August “The Old Green Dragon” will open its doors for business as both a village pub, serving traditional real ales, lager, cider, wines and spirits and as a coffee and tearoom for the village during the day.

The new phone number for “The Old Green Dragon” is 0115 9652243.

Village resident Christian Watkin has been managing the business for the past several weeks and will continue to do so when it reopens in August.

We look forward to seeing both old and new friends next weekend to raise their glasses in a final farewell to the old pub and then again in August to welcome them into the new.

Old Green Dragon 1953

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