Should we meet to discuss the future of the village shop?

As a (relatively new)! Oxton resident I feel it would be an incredible loss to our wonderful village if we lost the village shop.
I may be way behind on this, but has there been a community meeting on whether there is a way to save it?

I hear ‘The Plunkett Foundation’ is an organisation who offers advice (grants too) for saving village shops in the UK. You hear so many good things about community run projects – could Oxton come together to look at doing similar for us and future generations of Oxton residents?

Like I say I may have missed meetings about this already, but if I have perhaps others have too?

Could we post something along these lines on myoxton and perhaps arrange a meeting at the village hall to discuss further?
Posted on behalf of Robyn Farrar (Corner Cottage)

One thought on “Should we meet to discuss the future of the village shop?

  1. Hi Robyn….The village produced a village plan a couple of years ago and out of that came various groups who instigated activities in the village. The Film Club is one example of this.
    The shop has been on the market for some time now but no individual or group has come forward to take on the massive task of raising funds, buying, managing the shop etc.As a community driven project it would take a lot of effort and long term commitment to run such a business.
    I understand one person has approached various charities, Piunkett Foundation and the Prince’s Trust being two of them, but to no avail.

    I could certainly call a public meeting at the village hall but, being realistic, a project of this nature needs a long term business plan and, having asked some parishioners for their views, I’m not sure of the support there is for volunteers and finance.

    Jill Jones
    Parish Council Chairman

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