Public Meeting: Flood Mitigation Measures



JBA Consulting, Notts. CC, Newark and Sherwood District Council and Oxton Parish Council have called a public meeting to discuss PROPOSED small scale flood mitigation measures

WEDNESDAY 22nd  MAY 2013 in the Sylvia Bell Room at the Village Hall

6.30pm – Informal Discussions

7.30pm – Formal presentation and Q.A. time

One thought on “Public Meeting: Flood Mitigation Measures

  1. In my view, the recent floodings in Oxton are a threat to us all and we should therefore try and find solutions collectively and not individually.

    To that extent, the meeting was a welcome extension of the efforts of many in the past (especially members of the Parish Council) to find solutions to the problem.

    The problem is that all the surface and ground water coming down the hills around Oxton is channelled towards the fish ponds and Water Lane. With the establishment of the release canal along Sandy Lane and around the village in the south, surplus water in case of heavy rain can be diverted from the ponds and Water Lane. This has been sufficient in the past provided the canal was regularly cleaned from vegetation and sediments.

    With the recent heavy rain the existing measures could not cope with massive amounts of surface water however causing flodding of Main Street and Sandy Lane in addition to Water Lane.

    What are possible solutions to the problem?

    As the discussions during the meeting exposed there are many different views and ideas and all should be seriously taken into consideration.

    However, in my view there are only two principle solutions:
    i) some or most of the surface water from the surrounding hills is diverted from flowing towards the fish ponds and Water Lane
    and ii) the capacity of the fish ponds to hold surplus water is increased in some ways.

    Both possibilities have been discussed and a combination of both is likely to solve the problem.

    Fred Sablitzky, Old Oak Cottage, Sandy Lane

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