Sandy Lane Flood Water Control

By now most of you will have seen the “road closed” signs at both ends of Sandy Lane and New Road. A meeting took place on 12th April with Mark Spencer MP, Andy Wallace (CC Highways), David Callaway (resident) and myself to discuss the lack of progress regarding finding a solution to the flooding issues around Southwell Road/Sandy Lane. As a consequence of this meeting, Notts CC Highways arrived on site this week to investigate why the ditch on the south corner of Southwell Road/Sandy Lane is always full of water and doesn’t appear to have any means of soaking away.

The upshot is that Highways found a small drainage pipe that, over the years, has become blocked and therefore ineffective. A decision was made to replace the pipe with a much larger one and feed the end of it into the flood relief channel on the opposite side of Sandy Lane. By now the work should be complete and the road open again.

Let’s hope this helps stop Sandy Lane from looking like a river bed in times of heavy rainfall!


Jill Jones, PC Chairman

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