Kitten lost in Oxton

Missing Mia

Mia is 9 months old and has a red collar on with a tag that shows her name and home phone number.

She is quite small and shy, with a black nose and little white socks.

She has been missing since this Monday night/early Tuesday morning (1st/2nd April) and may be trapped in a garage or shed.

If people can check their outhouses this would be really appreciated, and/or if you see her anywhere please call:
07932 642616 (Simon)
07919 157768 (Michelle)

Thank you so much

Simon & Michelle

The Bungalow
Honeyknab Lane

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One thought on “Kitten lost in Oxton

  1. Home at last!!! Just to let anyone know who’s reading this that Mia was found by one of our neighbours up a tree. Phew! Thanks to everyone who had a look/kept their ears and eyes peeled as harmony has been restored to the household!

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