The Projection House’s Future Programme

The Projection House

It is hard to believe that we are now in our third year of operation!

2013 started off with yet another sell out, when over 55 people attended the Scottish-themed evening on 2nd February to watch BRAVE, enjoy a Scottish quiz and then dine on haggis, neaps and tatties.

Over the past three years we have tried out a number of different formats, including nights in the Green Dragon. Some have been more successful than others. From all this experience we have decided, for the foreseeable future at least, that we should focus on delivering a small number, around six, great events a year. These will likely all be in the Oxton Village Hall and will feature a film/films linked to a theme, such as the very successful Scottish and Irish nights that we have run where we are adding an extra dimension to the film by way of, for example, food and or other entertainment.

Accordingly we are intending to run another Irish Evening on Friday 22nd March, featuring an Irish film, food, and the excellent live band the WHOLESOME FISH.

Further dates for your diary are Saturday 29th June, for a village ball, and Saturday 28th September for a back-to-school event.

We are very grateful for all the support and encouragement that we have received from our guests and hope that you will continue to support us in future and tell all your friends about us.

We are also very grateful to all the websites and local publications who carry our press releases and posters and who do a sterling job of bringing us to the notice of a wider audience.

Finally we must not forget the small band of hard working volunteers who labour mightily to plan and present these evenings. It is hard work but is amply rewarded by running successful events.

Further information on the programme can be found here at, where comments and suggestions are always welcomed on The Projection House page.

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