Oxton bus service and the demise of Premiere Travel

The demise of Premiere TravelVillagers may be aware of the demise of Premiere Travel, the company that was providing the bus service for Oxton.

News of the continuity of the Nottsbus Service 5 can be found on the Notts County Council website.

The current replacement provider is AOT Coaches of Hucknall, operating to the existing timetable.

AOT are running 50-seater coaches in company livery, which is all white with a dark blue painted skirt around. Entry onto the vehicles is therefore up three steps, and unlikely to be “low-floor”, but no doubt NCC have that in hand.

The vehicles used do not have “destination boxes” as buses do, so the destination placards will probably be mounted/resting on the nearside dashboard and possibly obscured by resting windscreen wipers, so may not be large enough to be seen at 100 metres by cold, wet, vulnerable people used to seeing a red box on wheels. The coaches in use also have a throaty roar to them and sound very different to the elderly Optare Solos and Dennis Darts used by Premiere.

Also note that the timetables posted in the Timetable Box on each Bus Stop, having been updated with the new January timetable, have not been updated with the change of operator. Unsuspecting potential travellers may therefore be expecting a Premiere liveried vehicle (even if that varied, as it did), and not hail the AOT bus (coach). It’s also possible that AOT drivers (perhaps less familiar with such services, and certainly Oxton) will not expect to see any passengers and therefore not slow down.

It should also be noted that the new timetable takes every bus up into Burton Joyce. This deviation used to be irregular but is now regular.

Full marks to AOT for coming forward and we should support their effort, but we cannot assume that they will want to take it on in the future.

This is still a long way from a service for Oxton that provides a smaller vehicle of 12 – 35 seats which can take passengers to “hubs” such as Southwell, Lowdham, Calverton, Bingham, Farnsfield & Arnold for onward travel to Newark, Mansfield or Nottingham. Lowdham would offer connection to rail services. A link to Hucknall (Tescos) would link to the Nottingham Tram. And there’s still no service on Sundays and in the evenings…..even if something came down the bypass and stopped near the roundabout…or deviated round past the Bridge Inn.

All the noise is about the HS2. In Oxton we have the HS5, where HS stands for “Hardly Seen”…

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