Flooding Update – 25 Nov 2012

Well, after a fraught night the good news is no properties were flooded!!

The Flood Team were out in action waking residents of properties which, in the past, have been prone to flooding. Quince Cottage on Main Street would have been flooded had the residents not been woken and advised of the threat.  Aqua bags etc were made available to those in need.

Water Lane, New Road and Sandy Lane all suffered from the excess rainwater and attempting to cross the ford was a definite non-starter! BUT the flood relief channel which parallels Sandy Lane, continued to flow towards the culvert taking high volumes of water away from Water Lane.

All water channels are clear and working efficiently. I cannot emphasis enough how important regular maintenance and vigilance is by both Council/s and residents. All went to plan on this occasion.

Main Street suffered heavy flooding around the church but cleared rapidly after man hole covers were cleared of leaves (courtesy of the residents at Quince Cottage).

Our weather station reports that 1.2” of rain fell between 1500 Sat and 0600 this morning.

My thanks go to everyone who was involved with last night’s operation.

Regards…………..Jill Jones, PC Chairman


3 thoughts on “Flooding Update – 25 Nov 2012

  1. Welldone flood wardens and keep up the great work it his very reassuring for me and my wife living so near the ford best wishes all involved

  2. A very big thank you to the Flood Team for the wake up call early this morning. We looked out of our bedroom window and Main Street was a river. We dread to think what we would have waken up to if we had not received the call. Thank you to our neighbours for helping us clear leaves from nearby drains and the hot cup of tea at such an early hour, it was much appreciated. Also thank you to the two gentleman from the council who turned up with sand bags just as we were clearing the leaves.
    Residents at Quince Cottage, Main Street.

  3. A very big thank you indeed to those who woke us in the early hours and came to check we were OK. We would undoubtedly have been in a much wetter state otherwise as the culverts under the roads were just unable to take any more water so the water coming down the Southwell Road took the only way it could, down Sandy Lane – and the little gulley (we had ensured it was all clear of debris and greenery the weekend before) which takes water off Sandy Lane into the top part of the dyke couldn’t cope with the volume. It had just started to come into the drive again like in 2007.

    We are very grateful too for the Aqua sacs – thank you Dave from New Road for supplying those. Interestingly I’d been looking up on the NSDC website about a supply of sandbags from the council only to find a picture from the last time we were flooded…

    Jonathan and Nicky Teare

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