Broadband Speed Improvements

BT has announced that broadband speeds to Oxton have been increased to 45Mbps download and 15Mbps upload  – a 50% improvement! You will need to contact BT to get this free upgrade.

Regards………..Jill Jones

2 thoughts on “Broadband Speed Improvements

  1. Thank you Jill, I would have missed this if you had not been kind enough to publicise it. Regards Sheila a

  2. Yes, thank you Jill. They haven’t been emailing us about the wonder upgrade. But it ain’t so wonderful, I’m afraid, at least if you are on the basic BT Infinity package like us.

    The upgrade to “Superfast Infinity” is free, so long as you agree to a new 18 month contract with BT, But BT only promises to increase our UP-load speed to 4MbpS (from the 1.8MbpS I found today). BT say no change is to be expected on our DOWN-load speed which is supposed to be 18MbpS. Still, emails will go faster.

    The upgrade can be ordered online following the links to Superfast BT Infinity at

    The very pleasant and intelligent BT fault man advised me not to hold my breath – it might take 2 months to install the upgrade! But he did say that the line fault that was dragging our download speed down to less than 8MbpS should be fixed in 48hrs.
    Tom H

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