Oxton Camera Club is born

The first meeting of the fledgling Oxton Camera Club took place in July.

People who attended had a variety of interests in the types of photos they like to take which reflects the diverse makeup of the group and the different levels people find themselves at with their camera. The majority of people use digital cameras ranging from point-and-shoot to bridge cameras to digital SLR’s. There was 1x film user.

The group’s experience varied from very much the beginner to avid enthusiast to amateur professional. So a very wide range and people were more than happy to share their experiences, skills and knowledge

Ways in which members would like to develop their own skills or challenge themselves to take pictures of things which they don’t normally included landscapes, moving/action shots, portraits and composition of images (to improve their painting skills)

The future of the group was discussed and people were excited about being involved. Some said that they wanted to dip in and dip out when they felt like being involved and others wanted to learn techniques and skills to help them develop their own skills. People were happy to get feedback/constructive criticism on photos so long as there was some kind of assignment/common theme/topic where people could see how others have interpreted a task.

Ideas for what people would like the camera group to do are as follows:
•    Themed exhibitions (similar to recent one as part of the Creativity Weekend)
•    Create a visual record/archive of the village for future generations
•    Photographic walks either locally, nearby or in urban environments
•    Speakers – possibly local professionals or from other camera clubs
•    Not all formal meetings – needs to be about taking pictures, not talking about taking pictures!
•    No formal setup i.e. chair, treasurer etc… the more informal the better.
•    Involve more young people – get them interested in photography whether that’s using their iPhone or digital SLR
•    Portrait shots of local residents
•    On-site assignments e.g. pubs, farms, village hall, church, Doughtys, ship builders etc…
•    Themed assignments e.g. harvest time

Ultimately, people wanted to be inspired by other photographers to help them take better pictures.

People would like to meet on the 1st Tuesday of each month, with any assignments/walks/socials at the weekend.

People also felt that it would be great to get some more images together for the upcoming film night on Saturday 1st September, to be shown before the screening of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

If anyone has any questions or would like to add to the above, then please contact Simon Bernacki

The club’s first photo gathering will be on Saturday 25th August at 11am in The Green Dragon pub car park.

It will involve going out and about round the village in small groups of mixed experiences so that people can start to share skills. The theme for the day will be announced in the car park. Please come along and join in. All are welcome!

By request, a new page has been created on the myoxton.org website to advertise the group to others and to hold images, i.e. an online gallery of the club’s activities.

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