Oxton Village Plan Status Report

When the Oxton Village Plan was launched in October 2012, it was announced that an update on progress would be produced after six months.

As Chair of the Village Planning Group, Joan Arnold contacted those with responsibility for each project in the village plan and collated their responses in bullet point form to provide a status update for the consideration of the Parish Council at their annual meeting on May 24th.

The bullet points in this status report represent the current situation regarding progress with the Village Plan Action Plan, project by project, as of the 15th May 2012.

The report can be viewed by clicking the image below.

The overall progress is satisfactory.

Few projects are without leads, have made no progress or are behind schedule. A few are rightly on hold. Some of the projects have made very good or excellent progress. Most are on track. This is very much down to a few people who have taken the ideas and made them happen. What is now needed is for some other villagers to volunteer their time and energy so that the initiatives do not lose momentum or indeed die because of the lack of someone to organise them.

The judgement about the progress of each project is matched against the timescale defined in the village plan (e.g. behind schedule, on track, on track with good progress, completed etc.)

Caring Oxton Group

● Welcome Pack ● Carer’s Respite ● Keeping In Touch


● Film Nights ● Children’s Discos ● Summer Festival ● Arts Festival


● Walks & Village Trail ● Residents/Farmers Working Group ● Village Conservation Group ● Village Green ● Village Sign ● Walking Group

Sport & Exercise

● Playspace ● Sports Field ● Exercise Classes ● Multi-Purpose Sports Area ● Gymnasium

Traffic, Transport & Crime

● Traffic ● Transport & Oxton Flyer ● Crime Prevention

Village Facilities

● Picnic Tables ● Village Garden ● Planters ● Tea Room ● Library

Village Infrastructure

● Affordable Housing ● Alternative Electricity Generation ● Flooding ● Mobile Telephone Reception ● Broadband Speeds

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